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Come enjoy an experience where you can pick your own flowers for your own personalized bouquet. There are a variety of flowers in the field that can make your bouquet your own style.  Three options are available for your own desired end result.  There is a jar option, a wrapped 20 stem option that you can take home and put in your own vase, or our vase option that allows you to purchase a vase and design in the field.

Field Hours

Friday: 5:30 pm to Dusk

Saturday: 9:00 am to Dusk

Monday: 5:30 pm to Dusk


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U-Pick Jar - $20

We provide a jar for you to fill as full as you can to make your own bouquet using any of the flowers in the field. 


U-Pick 20 Stem Bouquet - $25

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Pick 20 stems of any flower in the field to take home.  We will wrap and provide flower food for you to put in your own vase at home. 


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U-Pick Vase - $35

We provide a custom vase for you to fill your vase as full as you can to make your own bouquet.


Day & Night Event Options - Call for more info.

(801) 726-9973

Night Events Held between Monday - Thursday 5:30pm to Dusk

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Our Story

We chose to start a flower farm after Tami had a surgery and her co-workers gave her flowers.  Shortly after, Tami's grandma died and her co-workers gave her flowers again. Because they enjoyed the flowers sitting on their table,  Tami said she wanted to build a small flower patch where she could pick flowers for her table throughout the year.  After talking to Marc, we decided that others would enjoy the experience of picking their own flowers for their homes to enjoy and the Flower Farm was born.


1- Emergency Information- In case of emergency, Call 911 and notify farm staff immediately.
2- No Smoking- This property is a smoke free zone. Smoking/vaping is prohibited.
3- Warning Uneven Ground Ahead- This farm has natural terrain variations that may include uneven surfaces, rocks, tree roots, loose debris, and other hazards. Exercise caution while walking.
4- Stay on Designated Paths- Stick to marked walkways and paths to minimize risk of injury.
5- No Pets Allowed- For the safety of our visitors, pets are not permitted on the property.
6- Service Animals- Certified service animals are permitted
7- Closed Areas- Some areas of the farm may be restricted for safety or agricultural purposes. Do not enter these marked areas.
8- Supervision of Children- Parents and guardians are responsible for supervising children at all times. By entering this farm, you also acknowledge and assume the inherent risk and other farm hazards for your children.
9- No Climbing- Climbing on fences, trees, or other structures is not allowed and can be dangerous.
10- Playground-Parents and guardians are responsible for supervising children at all times.
By allowing your children to enter this playground, you acknowledge and assume the inherent risk for your children.
11- Farm Equipment- Stay clear of farm equipment and machinery it is dangerous.
12- Livestock/Animals on the property- Do not try to pet or feed the animals on the property.
13- Assume Risk- By entering this farm, you acknowledge and assume the inherent risks associated with uneven ground and other farm hazards, including those for your children.
14- Hand Pruners- The hand pruners are extremely sharp and can cause injury. Please use with caution.

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